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AirWard engineers utilized thermal analysis and integrated testing to develop the AirWard Hazardous Cargo Container. With a stainless steel exterior, durable interior fabrics and a proprietary combination of interior packing materials to create a unique hazardous transport container, the design can be easily scaled to support custom applications.

AirWard Corporation's Exclusive Feature Benefits:

  • Ideal for industries including aviation, manufacturing and the military, which require the transportation of hazardous materials
  • Meets or exceeds the DOT's requirements under Rule HM-224B (CFR 49 Parts 173, 175 and 178), including mandates in new flame penetration, impact and thermal resistance
  • Designed and constructed using space-age concepts and materials
  • Fabricated using ISO 9001/ AS9100 compliant processes

We are continuing to add configurations to our product lines, please contact our Custom Solutions department for details.

Rule HM-224B

Effective October 2009, DOT will enforce new requirements for the air transport of containers carrying oxygen cylinders and generators. The new mandates requires adherence to NEW stringent safety requirements in the areas of:

  • Thermal Protection
  • Flame Penetration
  • Impact Resistance