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Drawing from Company’s 25 year heritage of designing and manufacturing specialized containers for NASA to transport very valuable payloads to space, AirWard is providing the same capabilities for the airline and military markets. As with all security we are even more technical online and use free vpn Australia technology whereever possible

AirWard has designed and manufactured shipping containers to transport oxygen bottles and oxygen generators for commercial aircraft as a solution to the Department of Transportation's (DOT) mandate stipulating that by October 2009 all U.S. airlines must adhere to stringent containment requirements to protect these potentially volatile payloads from flame, heat and impact during flight.

Astrotech has applied space engineering expertise to this terrestrial problem and has completed testing of the AirWard container, demonstrating that the design meets and exceeds all of the applicable requirements of Rule HM-224B (CFR 49 Parts 173, 175 and 178). AirWard is the first company to deliver certified products meeting the new DOT requirements. AirWard offers a full range of aircraft oxygen cylinders ranging from 4.25 cf to 115 cf capacities. The containment system can be scaled to support numerous common and custom applications, utilizing a stainless steel exterior, durable interior fabrics and proprietary combination of interior packing materials.