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AirWard's Hazardous Cargo Containers

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Effective October 2009

New Critical Requirements for all U.S. Commercial Airlines Carrying Oxygen Cylinder Containers - Mandated by the Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Rule HM-224B (CFR 49 Parts 173, 175 and 178):

  • Flame Resistance
    • 1700° F flame for 5 minutes without any penetrations
    • Cylinder temp not to exceed 400° F
  • Thermal Resistance
    • 400° F for 3 hours
    • Oxygen cylinder temperature can't exceed 199° F
  • Packaging standards
    • Drop testing 46.8 in (3.9 ft.)

AirWard Cargo Containers are designed to comply with these new standards thereby obtaining the new designation DOT31FP, which supersedes the previous mandate specifying domestic air carriers use ATA-300 containers for shipment of oxygen cylinders.

Engineered and Fabricated Using Aerospace Engineering Expertise and Incorporating ISO9001/AS9100 Processes